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Hi. My name is Gabriele Bitter, and I would like to share some parts of my life

with you, about how I see geography and ecology. Welcome on the second version of my website, which I hope you’ll appreciate.

One part of this web page is dedicated to present my person to you, to establish a human contact, a common basis for exchanges, the possibility to meet people, to discuss our points of views in the new guest book or simply send me an email.

You will find my curriculum vitae split up into different pages, giving you an extended understanding of my life. I talk about who I am, giving you simple data, as where I have lived up till now and what languages I speak. I also share my professional and of course somewhat personal visions and objectives with you.

On another part of this website, you can get an enlarged idea about the different approaches of modern geography and how they developed in the main western civilisations: the Anglo-Saxon, German and the French background. Come and play a geography game with me: Play our Daily Trivia Game! New Questions Daily! Or try some random ecology questions.

The topic of the month is designed to explain different ecological topics in a – let’s say – more human way, rather than in a very scientific description of the themes.

So, have fun! I wish you a wonderful visit, come back soon and I would be really glad to find you in my guest book. Thank you for your attention

Gabriele "Gabi" Bitter